Application for Shoulder Girdle

This workshop is credited as a 

  • Gyrotonic Level 1 Update
  • Gyrokinesis Level 1 Update if a trainer is certified in both methods.

The Gyrotonic Specialised Course for Shoulder Girdle is developed by Physiotherapist and Gyrotonic Specialised Master Trainer 

Paul Horvath who has utilized the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methods with orthopaedic patients at the Rheintalklinik in Bad Krozingen, Germany.

The workshop will give you a guideline for a protracted Rehabilitation process associated to main diseases/injuries regarding Cervical spine, Shoulder Girdle and

Arm axis. 

Depending on the clients constitution and coordination ability, the timing of the rehabilitation period will be set.

The participants will review basic terms, anatomy and will learn about common patterns and "new rehabilitations skills".

In a theoretical part at the beginning, students will receive information about history, genesis and anamnesis. This introduction will be held by a beamer presentation.

The second part of the course will build on this conceptual framework, with practical Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis exercise applications.

Students will receive a manual for the different programs and progressions.

The Gyrotonic method applied into therapy, allows to accelerate the preventive/postoperative Rehabilitation process. Patients/Clients learn new movement pattern, which can be stabilised and applied in there daily life.

Participating in this workshop, deepens the understanding and lifts to a higher ability, applying the Gyrotonic movement system to the clients.

The Gyrotonic method is based on spiralling, flowing, multi-directional movements, helping to improve coordination, flexibility and strength.

Gyrotonic is using the spine as a Center of Coordination for all somatic, visceral and emotional processes.

The expectations we have of our trainees is a fully participatory in the training. To complete the training, you must participate the full days and hours of the training, without exception.

To respect the structure and breaks of the training schedule: there will be an 2 hours for lunch and various breaks at the instructor discretion and/or studio accommodations throughout the day.


Pre requisites: 

Certified Gyrotonic Level 1 and a Valid License for Gyrotonic trademark


Course fee: 

350.- USD/EURO - 3days 

450.- USD/EURO - 4days (optional)


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