Trilogy Course

This course is designed by Physical therapist Uwe Herbstreit.

It offers the unique opportunity to participate in all three courses in one location. It will be a decompressed version of the regular formats of all three Specialized Courses for Pelvic Girdle, Shoulder Girdle and Scoliosis.
It includes a Compact Anatomy Lesson (a one day keynote presentation) 
which is offered prior to the Pelvic course. 

In the Trilogy course, Trainers will have the opportunities for greater practise time with the possibility of observing the application of the work to regular studio clients. In this course, Gyrotonic Certified Trainers will learn about common pattern associated to main orthopaedic diseases, injuries for most of all different subjects and even preventive activities.

The practical part of the course will build on a conceptual framework, with Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis exercise applications. It will deepen your understanding of the system and allow you to reach a greater level of abilities as you apply the Gyrotonic movement system to your clients.


You will receive a manual for the different programs and progressions.

To complete the Trilogy course, you must participate in all full days and hours of the training, without exception.


It is also possible to enrol just for each single course.


Pre requisites:

Certified Gyrotonic Level 1 and a Valid License for Gyrotonic trademark.

Each single course is credited as a Gyrotonic Level 1 Update course, except the Anatomy workshop compact.

If a Trainer is Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis licensed, each course is credited to update the trademark license for both.


Course fee:

1100.- USD/EURO - 11 days ( 2 days off )

For more information please contact