Helen Clare Kinney, Professional Dancer Deutsche Oper am Rhein - Düsseldorf, Germany

After searching for seven weeks to find a path of healing for the torn ligament in my hip, meeting Uwe was a game changer. After only two physiotherapy sessions, I felt significant pain relief. After four sessions rehabbing through Gyrotonic, I was moving in a range that I couldn't have imagined would be pain free days before. Through his work, I felt an alternative to surgery existed. He works with extreme diligence, attentiveness, and a remarkable intuition.

As a professional dancer, it was wonderful to collaborate with someone equally as passionate about this craft. I know I'm not alone when I say I wish I could have worked with him longer.

Vielen Dank, Uwe

Ceriah Tedjamulia, Gyrotonic Certified Teacher - Highland, USA

I first learned about the Gyrotonic Application for Scoliosis course a year after I started taking Gyrotonic classes.  Even before I had started my certification, I knew that I would eventually take the course, but I had no idea how profound and effective the work would actually prove to be.  When I was growing up most people would tell me that scoliosis was something that I would just have to deal with my whole life, that there was nothing I could do for the pain or imbalance I felt unless I wanted to pursue surgery.  But for me, the invasive approach of fusing my spine never felt like a very viable option and it would put an end to my career as a ballerina. I had tried several different approaches in the past, but nothing ever made a significant or lasting difference. 

Then after taking the scoliosis course with Uwe, I saw a major shift in my back within the four days.  It amazed me how with only a few repetitions of each exercise I could see immediate results of standing taller, straighter, and feeling generally more balanced and open.  There was mobility and activation in new areas that I had never felt before. It was like having all new access to my body with unparalleled freedom of movement.  

That was the first time I had seen a real improvement in my spine and it continues to be sustainable because I’m not relying on outside sources, like manipulations or a brace, for the correction.  

Uwe’s detailed instruction and sharing of his expertise has made it possible for me to continue the work and now 10 months later I am still seeing positive changes in the structure of my spine and overall health.  By far, this is the most effective work I have seen for addressing scoliosis. I feel so blessed to have found it and that I can share it with others now too.

Luisa Mechsner, Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Certified Teacher - Berlin, Germany

Im Alter von 12 Jahren erfuhr ich, dass ich eine starke Skoliose habe.

Damit startete sowohl ein Ärzte- als auch ein Krankengymnastik-Marathon. Nach einer 6 wöchigen Reha bekam ich ein medizinisches Korsett. Ein halbes Jahr lang hatte ich Schmerzen beim Sitzen, beim Stehen, beim Liegen. Durch eine Bekannte erfuhr ich von Uwe's (damaliger) Praxis in Bad Krozingen. Mit der ersten Stunde bei Uwe veränderte sich mein Leben - von dem Gefühl der ständigen Schmerzen zu einem herausfordernden Training 3 x wöchentlich.

Da ich eine sofortige (Lebens-)Verbesserung spürte, war jedes einzelne Training von Beginn an eine riesige Freude und ein großer Fortschritt für mich !!

Nicht nur im Ballett - Unterricht merkte ich deutlich, wie mein Körper durch das individuelle Training bei Uwe physisch stärker und beweglicher wurde.

Ich hatte keine Schmerzen mehr und das bei voller Mobilität !!

Das regelmäßige intensive Training über Jahre hinweg bei Uwe und später auch bei Elena gab mir so viel Lebensqualität und Freude, dass ich mit 18 Jahren an dem ersten Kurs der Gyrotonic-Ausbildung teilnahm und nun zertifizierte Gyrotonic und Gyrokinesis Trainerin geworden bin.

Elena Javalos, Dancer - Boston, USA

My name is Elena. I am 17 years old and I have been training in Gyrotonic because the severity of my scoliosis demanded a spinal fusion, which would have ended my dance career. Not only have I avoided the surgery, but Gyrotonic has helped improve my scoliosis in a tremendous way. I have benefited from the arduous yet satisfying exercises for my health and I am more aware of everything my body does in my daily life, especially in dance. After three years of intensive training in Gyrotonic, i have arrested the curvatures of my spine and even decreased the severity of the curves and rotation. It has truly been an eye opening, mental and physical journey for me.

In addition, I would like to add a personal note to you, Uwe, with my greatest appreciation and thanks for having so graciously donated your time to work with me. It was truly a phenomenal experience for me to learn from a Master Trainer specializing in Gyrotonic Applications for Scoliosis. I have gained understanding on a whole new level and can work with more depth and intensity. Your lesson helped me profoundly and I believe I can work on my body with a different perception. I feel honored to have worked with you!