Tina Sifrar, Studio owner Gyrotonic Lubljana

....i came to the course with a hip replacement on the left hip and with pain in my right hip, which was already transferred into both knees and my right shoulder. We started the process and transformation began straight away. My hips were decompressed and able to move in a bigger range of motion. These was the first release in my body and something started. Through the Shoulder Girdle course I reconnected my upper body and the pain through my whole body was just gone. This was my first surprise. From there on I started to move in directions I had never experienced before. We did the Scoliosis program and my sacrum started to cooperate with my spine in a way of long elevation and freedom in between my bone structures. The whole transformation is helping me not only in my work as a Gyrotonic teacher but mainly to understand what is going on when I am not connected and not working in a proper way. Trilogy course makes sense because it presents the journey through your body, awareness and completely different state of your body after it. If you don't have such a deep experience with yourself then you can not understand other peoples limits. I highly recommend the Trilogy course to all teachers in our Gyrotonic community....

Harumi Terayama, Gyrotonic Trainer in Berlin

....first of all, having very focused 2 weeks gave my mind and body to experience the exercise, work on it, and get to the place where you feel the result of each program. Even if you don't get to the perfect place, you start to see the direction and the trajectory of where your body is developing towards. Having a close guidance every day for almost 2 weeks was such a luxury. And second, since the Gyrotonic method is a holistic method, going through all 3 courses together made sense. You start to see the logic for each program more and more as it progresses. When we got to the Scoliosis course, I felt my hip girdle and the shoulder girdle were organized and I was physically ready to take more information for the thoracic spine. In addition to that my own experience with my body was about release of neck tension, deeper breathing, less effort to stand, brighter vision, feeling taller etc., it is endless to write more. I just want to thank Uwe for the generosity and patience he shared with us throughout the course.